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tv   [untitled]    July 3, 2011 11:01am-11:31am EDT

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news. wealthy british style. markets. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into a report. with
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the week's top stories of this is the weekly on. a costly rescue the e.u. approves a twelve billion euro bailout package to tackle the greek debt crisis as violent demonstrations rocked the country in protest of the high cost helped. hundreds of thousands of public sector workers in the u.k. take part in a national day of strikes in an attempt to defy the government's plans of changing their pensions. and after it is going to complain libya. is really good this is the time to get. out of the libyans will not allow them to do that. so the five will continue as nato steps up its air assault on libya speaks exclusively with colonel gadhafi son about why his country is at war. and the flotilla that's all at sea things that bans activists destined for gaza from
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leaving a greek course campaigners on board believe the u.s. and israel are behind the unlawful suspension of the trip. without seeing as we highlight the week's main headlines showing welcome to the weekly the latest payout all the e.u. bailout funds for the greek economy will be released in the next two weeks now that's according to the eurozone finance ministers without the money athens will default on its loans within days but the rescue package comes at a price which has the public outraged earlier this week the greek parliament passed radical austerity measures demanded by the european union and the international monetary fund and he's back the plan despite protests on the streets of athens three days of demonstrations have left hundreds injured as angry crowds clashed with police who responded with tear gas and stun grenades financial journalist
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dmitri has been with protesters. where that is the focal point of the unrest. i think the only real option for them right now for the protesters and for the greek people is if some sort of political option or movement develops out of the society out of the ranks of ordinary people who are intelligent or capable who come from universities who have some idea of what the country needs according to scholars here in greece or constitutional scholars and former members of the government they claim that the measure unconstitutional the first place because you need one hundred eighty members of parliament to pass this legislation first of all second of all they can pass whatever they like but if the people don't agree to it and the people are not willing to sit down and take it it doesn't really matter what they pass and that's what we're seeing here right now what you're looking to have happen is you're you're going to see a fall of this government at some point i said if things it really the violence is a really big issue because if if the violence if this results in casualties not just massive injuries then that's going to that's going to lead to a collapse of this government will that mean that the next government will come in
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and actually do something productive maybe maybe not but then that governments have to fall too i don't see the people in this country lying down there's a report that the head of the pharmaceutical national association here in greece is going to be following along. along with other people against the government for use of illegal substances because these weren't just it was just tear gas there were other chemicals and including us fixating agents and that's why you see a lot of people here i saw them myself and a lot of people other people saw them passing out not being able to breathe people inside the metro station not being able to breathe the hospital for that reason people are very angry here and they're very upset and they understand what's going on and then are sent these measures are not going to help them and their future. and the cash won't help is backed up by critics of the bell who argue that the money will be used to pay off banks and not help the people of greece. explains. on the streets of athens the voices of discontent a growing louder. it's
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a war we did not create this tour and we're going to pay for this we want to be called large but as greece continues to fight against economic ruin the second bailout. and attempt to prevent greece from defaulting on its previous lehmann payments that the greek people will be seeing a penny. of this buyout money actually comes into the greek economy it all goes out interest payments and repayments also battlezone save the banks and prevent a large scale financial crisis for the people the price is simply too high they see their income don't going down they see taxis taxis taxis and nothing else their money does not go to very early corner me here is struggling against partial stares he measures has meant the government now faces an electorate opposed to another bailout that's been lost and people are asking when the troika the i.m.f. european central bank and the e.u.
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that provided that initial to the tune of one hundred ten billion euros to look past the bad and move on to plan b. because the thought the quest to manage another bailout package and pay back that loan for a lot of people they are realistic is that when it comes to the choice many people now in greece simply don't want to help them actions is being born as a self-interest. to get. out there are going to get all this they. i mean. there were. to give almost everything in the below it certainly can that's a high cost for the cuts in public spending a raise in taxes and an aggressive privatization program that would mean the sale of many greek public assets one of the reasons that everybody is so determined to
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keep greece in the euro is so that the banks don't have to take a serious hit on their faulty lending policies and it's almost as if there's a whole other holy alliance of politicians and bankers versus ordinary people it's a fight that the people say they're not prepared to. r.t. athens r.t. is coming to you live from the heart of moscow and coming away shortly drone die lemme find out why the u.s. is being urged to leave an airbase it's been using in pakistan. or greece was not the only country to be hit by a protests this week as a public sector workers took part in a national day of strikes on thursday hundreds of thousands of teachers and civil servants are voiced their discontent with the government plans to change their pensions half of the country's state schools were closed and that disruption was caused to air traffic during the biggest industrial action in decades artie's lore and it has the story. down tools up with industrial action an autumn of discontent
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starts here this time it's the public sector workers walking out on happy with the planned reform of their pensions which they say will see them paying a lot more and getting a lot less but i kept saying. that if. i work for me it didn't take me back if you take it so that. it changes that i make it a pension or very necessary to fix the way to address it so i think we do need to make cutbacks in things i think. cry and try to teach french is why so much of it is these people do a huge variety of key work from teaches and lecturers to air traffic controllers and coast guards unisons the u.k.'s biggest public sector trade union deputy chief ball babble a says his one point three million members already for prolonged
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industrial action and we're almost a war footing we've got thirty million pain set aside and we've got a strategy work but i must stress that's not what we want to do we want to talk to the government and negotiate a sensible package nor the ridiculous package of their proposal at the moment that package involves raising the retirement age from sixty to sixty six raising pension contributions by work has and having payouts based on average career earnings rather than final salary the unions admit public support is fundamental the government's very unlikely to change its mind about reforms if the public at large doesn't back the unions but that's by no means a short public sector workers do already get very generous pensions and the cost of those pensions is very much under the carpet and the burden falls on to the next generation a great is absolutely essential that public sector pain. always formed an even
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after they are reformed public sector workers will get far better pensions and most private sector workers the unions want to apply enough pressure to force the government to change its mind and it's no stranger to u.-turn so it was hell bent on reforming the health service too until it decided to take longer to think about it causing friction in the coalition the government is doing this to reduce a current fifty billion dollar pension bill but it may be cutting off its nose to spite its face the wider issue here according to the new u.k. pension fund future if you're a part of me public sector work is no don't think that pension is what while they may start to be sick to them if there was a widespread withdrawal pension funds would collapse and that would leave u.k. p.l.c. very short of investment just what it needs it more than ever your avatar to london . well the political activist chris knight says that the industrial action was in
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response to the government's mishandling of the financial crisis. what's happening here is that a crisis caused by bankers and who the politicians are their pocket is what they're those politicians are making us as if. hardworking teachers hardworking civil servants hardworking lecturers and others are responsible for this crisis we all know that's not true so let's deal with that let's deal with the with the problem at its roots let's crack down on what i regard as actually electoral fraud and and criminal activity we have already seen that discovered is actually very weak i mean nobody voted for it that's from the start with and it has already made a couple u. turn so we definitely think we can force a u. turn on this one and what's going to happen of course is that it's not going to be just white collar workers we're building tool it looks as if the government doesn't back down but building for something it was something an absolutely enormous we're building towards something we haven't seen in this country since ninety two and a general strike and that's going to be very powerful and the government will will
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will will fall if it comes to that. just now turning eleven minutes past the hour here in moscow you without nato says that it's stepping up as strikes on libya to turn the course of its campaign against colonel gadhafi forces leaflets dropped from coalition planes that say a bombing run can happen any place any time we dance claims to be hitting only military targets but a growing number of innocent libyans say they fear death from the skies russel's has already apologized for killing civilians by mistake although tripoli claims the number of reported deaths is said to be much higher than nato is willing to admit colonel gadhafi is now threatening to retaliate against europe unless the air strikes stop. is on the front line for us. the road from the capital tripoli to brag he's lined with the aftermath of war towns abandoned as the population fled the bombardment. this is what's left of the civilian airport in the city of and also home to one of the country's key oil refineries the last plane
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took off from this runway just hours before it was hate. to say so it certainly hit in the targets of military value well call say these telecommunications towers so fifteen minutes west of there. has been destroyed in a time this is a safe strikes and they've also accidentally. two cars and killed two civilians since there is no t.v. in this area as we can see the phone lot has also been disrupted. there is no water and no electricity what used to be heaven this man says has become hell what was home now susan familiar. i have nine children and i send them all to my relatives abroad i don't want them to see their mother in such a condition. from the small poor not far from break even gas used to flow to europe . we used to produce fuel to send to them see. they destroy it all
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this is terrible and ridiculous at the same time the closer you get to the front line the more you feel it you can hear the war and you can even read it on. jobs just before the bombs arrive. this one so as you can see there is a sign here in arabic that nato is here in libya to enforce and i'll fly zone over the country to protect civilians on the other side there is another sign also in arabic saying that nato can attack any place at any time. any time happened three times over several hours while we were filming regulators major parties where the frontline is dividing the country into two parts into two. sides is going to put one flashpoint between the rebels and gadhafi forces it's a very important point to case gets in a firm hand on this town would mean taking control over the country's economy all
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facilities seem to be a rare target that nato bombs never learned. while it looks like the civilian population can hardly. they were like my family not just going to the shop to buy some food and this happened six of them died i couldn't believe it. and this used to be a restaurant or old company staff where friends gathered after work and when we were eating with my colleagues then there was a blast we knew what it was we tried to help those who were trapped but then the helicopters came and started to shoot. from one street to another this story's a repeated preconcerted by our problem i think we don't need any in reno to talk every minute of every day every day did one being a big killed our civilians to prevent another this country this is from libya well those voices become more and more frequent is the sound of exploding bombs and
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warplanes that drowns them out. r t tripoli praeger. the african union is calling on member states to refute the arrest warrant issued by the hague this week against colonel gadhafi if the organization doesn't back a criminal court's request the libyan leader would be able to travel freely across africa artie's going exclusive access to colonel gadhafi his son who is also wanted for war crimes so if al islam says the warrant is a sham after nato it attempts to kill him and his family. this core of is it is it is a court come on the accuse me of killing people everybody nor the sentence against those that are going to commit the capital punishment so they decided to kill and to kill and they did kill my brother and it is two in the house so this is you need to execute you so now you are talking while i rest me to demands are going to kill
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me and you are after me every day you are trying to find me and to get me over there my brother so does the number two just to tell you that is a fake or a little of what they are trying to negotiate with us i did to get to this the weave thicket of the court what does it mean it means the court is controlled by those countries. which attack us every day it's just to put. political pressure that. you can see our full exclusive interview with your son saif al islam in just over an hour's time right here but if you can't wait that long just log on to r.t. dot com where you can watch it right now. moscow is alarmed by the ambiguous interpretation of the u.n. security council resolution on libya the concern has been raised at a meeting between russian and french foreign ministers after paris admitted
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supplying weapons to the rebels it is the first time since the campaign began that a nato member has owned up to lifting arms to the country france insists the framework of the resolution allows for all means when it comes to protecting peaceful civilians something russia calls an abuse of the vague wording of the document. is the solution nine hundred seventy three contains chapter four which allows anyone to do anything this very chapter was the cause of our problems with the mandate in all other aspects we support it and as we have warned now we're free . pleasant situations but it can be interpreted in most different ways i think paris and other u.n. security council members are interested for the body to release concise still committed to the international law will just not need to put up with ambiguity. and investigative journalist webster tarpley says that russia needs to take measures to outweigh the illegal actions of coalition forces the nato operation is already
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flagrantly illegal because of the way they're there they're violating let me put it this way the resolution violates the charter and nato is violating the resolution they've got to see blockade go in here nato air power is used to protect armed gangs packed full of al qaeda and other terrorists and it's used to attack civilians i've seen homes here where four or five little children essentially preschool kids were killed in the middle of the night by bombs launched by aircraft from forty thousand feet that is a very cowardly way to wage war so we're in the midst now of international and are certainly countries like russia would be very well advised to do something urgently to try to we store the rule of international law and that would mean. more energetic measures against what the united states britain and france are doing. it's only twenty minutes past the hour now here in the russian capital greece has a humanitarian aid flotilla destined for gaza from leaving its ports and even
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arrested one of the captains the authorities accuse the vessels with hundreds of activists on board of departing without permission campaigners have suggested the greek government gave in to pressure from the u.s. and israel in their use of trying to sabotage that mission the flotilla is drawing parallels to a similar gaza bound convoy that was stormed by israeli marines last may resulting in the deaths of nine turkish activists but it's artie's a corresponding resp reports from one of the seized ships lawyers according athens actions unlawful and that campaigners hope justice will prevail. but the gardener at the orbit may try to pull the captain of the american ship knew what he was doing and he was determined in his attempt to leave port i talked to the captain of a ship and he's ready to set c. list soon as he gets permission he says there should be no restraints the lawyers see greece's ban on the ships leaving is unlawful the greek government gave no grounds why it stopped the flotilla in the first place activists remain optimistic
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they believe the fact that the flotilla has caused such a stir is because the symbol of enormous moral strength israel has been spreading speculation there are chemical weapons on board but if it were true the ships would have been searched every new can cranny the american ship is only carrying three thousand letters to the children of gaza and that's what israel is for you know no it scared the whole mission as drawing so much attention to the un an awful blockade of gaza and it's making phenomenal efforts to stop the ships from getting to a destination point you know and we have more exclusive coverage of the freedom flotilla story that's for you on line just log on to our team dot com and our reporter who you've just seen remains on one of the detained a flotilla of boats are providing regular updates from the scene on our web site. also online if you missed this year's. international film festival log on to our website to get a roundup of all of the action. egypt's
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interim government has come under pressure as a violent protest swept through the country this week police used tear gas to disperse a crowd of angry protesters hurling stones and petrol bombs nearly two thousand people joined a pro-democracy activists to call for faster reforms and demand justice for the eight hundred fifty people killed during the spring uprising demonstrators are frustrated with the government for not meeting the demands of the revolution but toppled president mubarak an investigation has been launched into classrooms which left more than eight thousand people injured journalist afshin rattansi says that the current leadership is ignoring people from. the government such as it is hasn't responded to the concerns of the people there strikes at the suez canal
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transportation workers people being killed again on the streets of cairo not a peep out of the corporate media and meanwhile we have william burns in cairo talking with mr time tally the provisional head at the moment of the government and even the trial of the interior minister who is hated so much on the interior minister and also mubarak has been adjourned people are not getting what they thought they were getting when they toppled hosni mubarak we must remember that joe biden and hillary clinton didn't want to go as well as the mubarak and his cronies so many of them are retaining power and it's a very dangerous situation and we mustn't forget what's crucial here for me as a national. outlook is this is going to hell that's where trade goes through and it is the most populous country arab country in the arab world and we're not hearing anything about it in the corporate news it's as if that revolutions done and dusted in the egyptian people have. this is ots he now on a panetta has been a sworn in the new u.s.
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secretary of defense replacing robert gates who held the post before us panetta now faces the challenge of assuring victory in america's overseas wars but on being told by a retired u.s. army general that if the military is to succeed and needs to be more energy efficient i don't think we're going to see any major changes in pentagon policies i'm hoping though that he will do something about the a tremendous energy expenditure that the united states army is expanding in iraq and afghanistan we have a tremendously inefficient energy base over there and we need to do something about and i'm hoping that it'll bring about some change for the money should be using the united states to work domestic programs i mean we're essentially bankrupt any elements of it of our nation in order to win this war in iraq and afghanistan from what my point is that we can be expending energy there but what if smarter than we are if you understand the relationship between energy efficiency and military effectiveness then you can see we can win the war and we can actually actually save a lot of money and i'm hoping that secretary panetta will do something about that
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my point is that there is a very practical easy pragmatic approach and that is essentially insulating our structures in iraq and afghanistan and we can say really we're presently spending about twenty billion dollars a year simply dirty dish thing inefficient structures in our economy and so well i think that americans should be outraged that we're not doing more to spend or energy consumer energy in a smart way. now a pakistan is turning up the heat on washington americans to leave a military base in the country drone strikes on the afghan border region have been launched from this site in particular pakistan's renewed protesting against the attacks for unions calling them a violation of its sovereignty drone bombings have killed schools of civilians by mistake on a many occasions pakistani political analyst. believes that the violence will continue and so washington and its war on terror. one of the main reasons for
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the for the continuation of violent activity on the pakistan of ghana's done border is the mess that the us military has created inside of coniston over the past decade the mass there the way they have alienated a large portion segment of the afghan population in terms of the push to try to the way they have conducted the war on terror they are the way they have alienated a large pockets really of the country is a big reason for why we have a continuity of violence in afghanistan and how that violence is spilling over into pakistan and most pakistani commentators believe now that one of the ways short short cuts really to controlling violence and extremism on the pakistan afghanistan border is really to end the war on terror the way the u.s. military and the way the cia he has been conducting this war over the past ten years one step forward is of course what president obama has declared but you still words we're yet to see really actions on the ground and we have yet to see whether
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important agencies within the u.s. government like the central intelligence agency the cia would really cooperate. that was a pakistani political analyst where you are with r t it's good to have your company today let's check out now some other international news we're covering for you in brief going to iraq where five policemen were kidnapped and killed at a checkpoint in the western province of anbar the sunni controlled area is a known al qaeda stronghold and the center of iraq's insurgency the attack took place on a major road linking iraq with syria and jordan the gunmen were in uniform and driving a stolen police vehicle. hezbollah's leader has rejected the prosecution of four senior group members suspects in the murder of former lebanese prime. suggested that israel should instead be the main subject of the investigation he said the attempts to charge the suspects were part of an israeli plot saying it was financially and morally corrupt that we was killed along with twenty two others in
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february two thousand and five in beirut when a bomb exploded near his passing motorcade. and to thailand now where preliminary results suggest that the opposition leader has won the runoff vote and will become the first woman to take the country's top ranking position headed by the sister of ousted premier. food type party is expected to gain over half of the five hundred parliamentary seats violent protests have repeatedly shaken thailand since the former government was toppled by a military coup five years ago it's hoped the vote will end the country's long running political deadlock. celebrating the twentieth anniversary of its independence putting aside the economic problems which the country is currently facing thousands of people have gathered in minsk to mark the occasion celebration comes at a time when the country's government is struggling with a financial crisis hoping to secure a multi-billion dollar bailout from the i.m.f.
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people have shown their discontent with the current leadership by protesting on the streets of the capital more than one hundred opposition activists are thought of going to taint by police in. months. shortly here in r.c.b. explore how georgia has changed since the collapse of the soviet union but first i'll be back to remind you of this week's top stories do stay with us.


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